Anything Goes: YPE Week 3 and 4 Schedule

Anything Goes Schedule – Week 3 and 4

Each cast member is responsible for bringing a pencil to write blocking, vocal, and choreography notes in their scripts.

Mrs. Nelson has been writing inside each cast member’s script what their scene and song assignments are in red ink.  If you haven’t had your script written in yet, find Mrs. Nelson.

Make sure your actor knows why they are at rehearsal; what scene? what song? which director? blocking? vocals? choreography?

Ship Prep Underway for Anything Goes: Young Performers’ Edition

Fifty-four students in grades 3-8 sailed their way to the first rehearsal of Anything Goes: Young Performers’ Edition.

Tuesday night, the students and their parents gathered to hear about the show, be mentored by the 8th graders – many of whom have participated in CAP Jr shows since 3rd grade – and do a first read-through of the ANYTHING GOES script.

A first read-through is important from many perspectives:

Actors: to understand the whole script, how their part relates to the overall story, and begin learning their lines.
Director(s): to hear the actors and their relationships to each other, to see how long the script takes.
Stage Crew: typically takes this time to meet separately and talk about their vision for the show – scenery, costumes, hair/ makeup, and begin working on logistics like ticket sales and programs.

Anything Goes: Young Performers’ Edition is a one-hour adaptation of the classic wacky shipboard farce featuring romance, intrigue, colorful characters and a glorious score from Cole Porter. Key songs include “I Get A Kick Out Of You” and “It’s De-Lovely”, along with show-stoppers like “Anything Goes” and “Blow, Gabriel, Blow.”

Plan now to join us the weekend of March 16-18! Tickets will be on sale beginning in mid-February at the Chelsea Pharmacy.