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CASTING CALL: Chelsea Area Players Concert Production of “The Only Man in Town!”



Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jason Eyster
Vicky Wurster, Director; Larry Sumner Jr., Music Director

Production Description: Seeking performers to play principal and supporting roles for staged reading of this new musical.

Synopsis: A pharmacist strives to transform a small farm town into a modern city. He realizeshis dream but with tragic results for his family. A touching romantic drama, The Only Man in Town features a host of irresistible tunes, ranging from ballads to ragtime and swing.


  • FRANK GLAZIER, Tenor/Baritone, must be a strong singer, dynamic and mercurial, he is both a dreamer and man of action and inspires or offends others easily, 30s HENRIETTA GLAZIER, Soprano, must be a strong singer, a warm, compassionate wife and mother, who must take charge to save her family, 30s
  • HAROLD GLAZIER, Tenor, a rebellious young man, 20s
  • EDITH EVANS, Soprano, a school teacher and Harold’s girlfriend, 20
  • HARMON HOLMES, Baritone, the leading citizen of the town, a little pretentious, but committed to his community, 50s
  • WILLIAM BACON, Tenor/Baritone, An irascible Scotsman and Frank’s enemy, 50s
  • WILLIAM KNAPP, Tenor/Baritone, Frank’s devoted side-kick, 40s

Chorus (will be assigned individual bit parts as well):

  • Four men
  • Four women

Juvenile parts:

  • VERA GLAZIER, non-singing, many lines 6 to 10 years old HAROLD GLAZIER, non-singing, one line, 5 years old


Monday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 26, beginning at 5:30pm (only attend one day)
St. Mary Church, 14200 East Old U.S. Hwy. 12, Chelsea


6-9pm, St. Mary Church, 14200 East Old U.S. Hwy. 12, Chelsea

  • Monday, April 1, Read-Thru, Song Introduction, Assign Bit Parts, Costume Discussion Tuesday, April 9, Music Rehearsal of the four choral numbers
  • Thursday, April 11, Music Rehearsal for leads only
  • Monday, April 15, Staged Run-through without songs Tuesday, April 23, Staged Run-through of all songs Thursday, April 25, Dress rehearsal of complete show


Monday, April 29 at 7 pm at the Chelsea Depot, 125 Jackson Street, Chelsea

Additional Information

We look forward to meeting you and hearing you sing at the auditions!

Shelley Wheaton, Co-Producer
720-317-9295 call/ text (preferred)

Jason Eyster, Co-Producer
734.475.2156 call (preferred)

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