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“The Only Man in Town” Postponement

Chelsea Area Players want to be sure that everyone knows ‘The Only Man in Town’ is being postponed.  This July was to be the debut of an original musical about Chelsea at the turn of the century.  We invited you to step back in time; to learn about characters in our show, locations in our show, and businesses in our show …… To learn that all of these ‘characters’, ‘locations’ and ‘businesses’ are very real.  They are the heart and foundation of real people that created the Chelsea we know today.  That the location of the show is Main and Middle Streets!

We have really enjoyed getting articles to you about founding townspeople.  Have you seen ‘This Week in Chelsea ….? For instance in 1891 it was printed that ‘An enterprising genius has invented an illuminated cat made of plasterboard or tin, coated with phosphorus, to be placed in cellars, store-rooms and garrets to frighten rats away.’  A solution from 1891!

The Coronavirus that has affected all of us for months and will continue to do so.

Our hope is to be able to present our wonderful show next summer.

In the meantime, CAP would like to share a song from 'The Only Man in Town' that concerns Frank Glazier coming 'Back Home' after his long absence.  The two singers are alumni of Chelsea High School and of Chelsea Area Players: Amanda Patton, who now calls New York City home, and Teddy Eyster, who now lives in Lansing.  We hope that you will enjoy this beautiful song from our musical and we look forward to the time when we can present the entire amazing story of Frank Glazier to you in word, song and in dance.

We ask you to continue to enjoy our publicity and events of historical Chelsea and join us when you are able.  Join us at & like us on Facebook.