“Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Jr” Cast Announced!


We are so proud of all who auditioned, and we know they will help create a magical performance!

The Little Mermaid

Cast List

Ariel – Gracie Houle

Triton – Jacob Hackett

Prince Eric – Will Roebuck

Sebastian – Ruby Jackson

Ursula – Emily Schaefer

Flounder – Claire Hatch

Scuttle – Abby Krzysik

Grimsby – Sydney Ash

Flotsam – Zoey Bendena

Jetsam – Alexandra Robertson

Andrina (mersister) and Princess 1– Ari Klink

Adella (mersister) and Princess 2– Alice Korner

Allana (mersister) and Princess 3-- Charlotte Williams

Atina (mersister) and Princess 4 -- Alyosha Webster-Hein

Arista (mersister) and Princess 5 – Audrey Garot

Aquata (mersister) and Princess 6 – Allison Jewell

Seahorse – Ellie Kibler

Carlotta and Sailor– Megan Brown

Chef Louis and Sailor – Liam Hurden

Pilot and Soul – Henry Kibler


Gulls: Kathryn Dunn, Danny Hephner, Cordia Franzonello, Charlie Schmunk, Annie Jewell


Sailors and Chefs: Hudson Welling, Molly Poma, Greta Wiseley, Madeline Roebuck, Alice Thiel


Sailors and Souls: Jonny Bendena, Charlotte Clifton, Kennedy Collier, Norah Klink, Noah Seymour, William Meehan, Ryan Quilter


Sea Creatures: Greyson Diesing, Liam Thompson, Silas Webster-Hein, Lucas Bennett, Elle Rhodes, Amber Yacks, Drew Hodges, Kate Garot, Madison Scott, Vivian Neitring, Isla Vance, Emma Palmbos, Noelle Thompson, Sophia Parker, Emily DiPatrizio, Abby Muckle, Olivia DeLand