Santa - Nolan Peterson

Mrs. Claus - Sarah Lantis

Elves -

Susie / Hannah Greenstein

Freddie / Katie Rae Hayduk

Josie / Gretchen Kuras

Bobo / Ayla Raye-Leonard

5 / Olivia Beauchamp

7 / Lilian Maynard

Reindeer -

Cupid / Olivia Beauchamp
Rudolph / Eve Beauchamp

Blitzen / Grace Boote
Donner / Elena Brown
Vixen / Cynthia Cole-Heiss
Comet / Payton Doan
Dancer / Kira Frahm

Dasher / Dylan Micoff

Prancer / Hannah Patterson

Newscaster - Mitchell Henschel

Reporter - Maya Gonzalez

Shoppers -

1 / Megan Heydlauff

2 / Michelle Guidry

4 / Kalina Koch

4 / Emma Walworth

A / Lindsay Smith

Mom -
Dad -
Kids -
Taylor / Kathryn Beauchamp
Lisa / Emma Catalina
Lynn / Michelle Guidry

Lil Joe / Megan Heydlauff

Chris / Rosie Knafl

Ringo / Kalina Koch
Willie / Trever McTaggart

Cyd / Max Murphy

Jackie / Zia Pentescu

Zach / Nolan Peterson

Buck / Emma Walworth

Parents -

Katherine Moise

1/ / Max Murphy

2 / Kalina Koch

3 / Trever McTaggart

Cowhands -

1 / Lindsay Smith

4 / Katherine Moise

Friends -

1 / O’Malley Powell

3 / Sophie Peterson

Who Villagers -

Sophie Peterson

Producer - Crystal Hayduk

Director - Brian Myers

Vocal Director - Alex Moore
Choreographers - “Tree of Life” - Jenabah and Ziva

Celebrate The Season - December 3rd, 4th, 5th 2010

was performed
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, 4th, 5th

George Prinzing Auditorium
Washington Street Education Center
500 Washington Street, Chelsea

The Sanderson children realize, while having a sleepover during their parents pre-Christmas party, that they need Santa's email address so they can send some last minute requests.  While Googling for the address, they find that Santa is missing from the North Pole.  A local Radio station is conducting a world wide search for his whereabouts.  Santa, who has been out shopping, is in a frantic race to get back in time for the big night.  The elves and reindeer are in a North Pole panic, and are preparing the sleigh and Mrs. Claus to make the famous flight on Christmas Eve.  Will Santa make it back in time?  Will Mrs. Claus have to fly the sleigh?  Will the Sanderson children get their emails to Santa?  Will the radio station ever find Santa, and where has he been?  Why was it so urgent for Santa to go shopping?   All the hilarious antics and world wide panic, comes to an enormous finish, and all is well as everyone Celebrates The Season.