While driving home during a rain filled night, straight-laced lovebirds Brad and Janet end up at the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and his strange and bizarre entourage. They find him having a party. This is no ordinary party, no ordinary night. This is the unveiling of the Dr.'s latest creation....Rocky, a man-made Adonis. The long running British stage musical that became an international sensation since it’s 1973 inception, this exceedingly grand visual and musical camp satire of the golden days of the B-movie horror and science-fiction genres is a must see. Complete with the expected "audience participation" of sass from the audience, cascading toilet paper thrown, and an array of other audience participation props, this deliberately kitschy Rock 'n' Roll sci-fi gothic stage treat is more fun than ever.


Brad - Josh Perry
Janet - Shannon Kantner
Frank-N-Furter - Jennifer Hart
Riff Raff - Kevin Kimbrough
Magenta/Usherette - Mary Elizabeth Parker
Columbia - Abby Hill-Kennedy
Criminologist(Narrator) - Deric Prieskorn
Eddie/Dr. Scott - Mark Riddle
Rocky - Brandon Derfiny

Dusty Amans
Madeline Broekhuizen
Jill Mac
Maggie Ziph
Bill Brown

Director - Jonathon Rowland
Producer - June Weiland
Vocal Director - Chris McCall
Band Director - Alex Anest
Choreographer -Jan Trumbauer
Costumer - Brian Myers
Rehearsal Pianist - Clementine Fu
Assistant Producer - Tammy Peterson
Assistant Director - Brad Richert
Technical Director - Casey Blaker
Publicity - Kathy McGuire
Stage Manager - Ward Beauchamp






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