Ah, Shakespeare in the...  Old West?!  The lovely Sunny Day arrives in the small mining town of Gravel Gulch with a troupe of actors determined to bring culture to the locals.  Unfortunately, the troupe of actors, headed by the conceited and shady Noble Hart, is enough to make a playwright cry.  Sunny Day falls for Texas Ranger Johnny Lasso, who’s hot on the trail of a notorious crook masquerading under the name of Gentleman Dan, whose true identity is unknown.  It’s almost as if he was a master of disguise, like...  an actor, perhaps?  Maybe the show isn’t all that Noble Heart and his cohort, the Duchess, are trying to steal!  The troupe’s arrival thrills the townspeople, except Abagail Pettigrew, the richest person in town.  She’s harboring a dark secret about her former occupation as Pogo, the Woman Who Can Walk Up and Down Stairs on Her Head.  With more would-be outlaws, some stranded performing artists training to be window mannequins and a surprise ending, your audiences will be cheering, booing and holding their sides with laughter in this wild theatrical bonanza!

(in order of speaking)
Mayor Gibson - Mitchell Ernst
runs the general store and
serves as sheriff

Agnes Snipes - Myranda Montoye
citizen of Gravel Gulch

Maud Linn - Isabella Turner
citizen of Gravel Gulch

Raspy - Zach Handloser
desert rat prospector and
a former Texas Ranger

Noble Hart - Charles Korner
an extravagant ham and minor
crook, leader of Shakespearean
theater troupe

Uncle Ed - Nicholas Garza
runs the local hotel

Generosity - Nina Faupel
young girl

Hester - Sabina Montalva
friend of Generosity

Flenda - Grace Sharrow-Ducsay
stage struck young lady

Abagail Pettigrew - Eve Beauchamp
the aunt of Flenda, she owns the
town but doesn’t like actors

Duchess - Carolyn Pierce
partner in crime with Noble Hart
and member of the theater troupe

Little Louisa - Lindsay Favre
an adult who pretends to be

a little child, member of the theater troupe

Cordelia Langley - Carly Johnson
newspaper editor of the town

Banker Boyle - Becky Hall
business person of the town

Billy Berry - Edward Beauchamp
a playwright, member of the theater troupe

Cactus Clay - Brady Noble
a rancher

Misty - Laney Smith
Cactus Clay’s young sister

Lotta Crabapple - Tigerlily Bradley
a hammy actress in the theater troupe

Sunny Day - Anna Varitek
a lovely young actress in the theater troupe

Cheerful - Autumn Cole
a member of the theater troupe

Johnny Lasso - Quenton Bortmas
Texas Ranger in Arizona

Mirandy -Makayla Kegerreis
a prospector

Muletrain - Alex Handloser
a prospector

Pecos Pest - Stella Moore
a scruffy outlaw

Swindler - Katie Moore
a scruffy outlaw

Terrible Toby - Carson Woolams
an outlaw

Mademoiselle Gallette - Madalyn Davis
manages a troupe of performers from Paris

Cosette - Anna Wollman
artist in Gallette’s troupe from Paris

Babette - Ottilia Harris
artist in Gallette’s troupe from Paris

Suzette - Grace Pantolin
artist in Gallette’s troupe from Paris

Lisette - Kasmira Bradley
artist in Gallette’s troupe from Paris

Jeanette - Isabella Barkey
artist in Gallette’s troupe from Paris

Suzette - Grace Pantolin
artist in Gallette’s troupe from Paris

Townspeople -
Mitchell Brown
Sam Wright
Joseph Grudzinski
Kate Varitek
Brisen Woodward
Ashlyn Hodel
Zoe Hammig

Shakespeare Goes To Gravel Gulch - November 7th, 8th & 9th 2014

at 7:00PM

at 7:00PM

at 3:00PM

George Prinzing Auditorium
500 Washington St,Chelsea

available at the door and at
Chelsea Pharmacy

Presented by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Englewood CO


Shelley Wheaton

Alex Moore

Don Paulsell

...a Wild West, Speechifying, Sagebrush comedy!...