This is the place to find everything you need to know about auditions for our winter musical for actors in grades 3-8.



Congratulations to our cast!  We are very excited to put on this fun melodrama, complete with jokes, skits, commercials, mime routines, acrobatics, and more!

Here is the cast of the play:

Clem Chowder- Will Roebuck

Philly Parsnip – Ruby Jackson

Ma Chowder – Emily Schaefer

Buck Teef – Liam Hurden

Madame Roseola – Alyosha Webster-Hein

Sheriff Slidell – Zoey Bendena

Mary Lou Marmalade – Audrey Garot

Annie – Abby Kryszik

Midas Overbarril – Sydney Ash

Susannah – Allison Jewell

Clovis – Molly Poma

Purdy – Gracie Houle

Sara – Ari Klink

Sheldon – Will Meehan

Miller – Madeline Roebuck

Webb – Annie Jewell

Polly Wallie – Kathryn Dunn

Blackjack Gulch – Jacob Hackett

Mavis – Alice Korner

Ruthie – Claire Hatch*

Marshall Penny – Megan Brown*

Pappy – Noah Seymour*


*Also appears as olio actor




Ladies Club Members: Lillian Ward, Emma Clouse, Ellie Kibler, Fiona Kleber, Charlotte Clifton, Samantha Lantis, Olivia DeLand, Kate Garot, Adeline Weber, Pia Valdina, Elle Rhodes, Abby Muckle

Fair Workers: Ryan Quilter, Hunter Wyss, Norah Klink, Tabitha Gower-Jones, Alexandra Wissner, Silas Webster-Hein, Liam Thompson, Kennedy Collier, Jonny Bendena

Marshall’s Deputies: Henry Kibler, Alice Thiel, Charlotte Schmunk


CAP Jr. Fall Show Auditions

Auditions for CAP Jr.’s fall show The Saga of the Golden Horseshoe are coming!  Mark your calendars for Sep. 12 and Sep. 13 from 5:30-7:30.

A sign-up genius is available here:  Sign-up genius for auditions

Here is what you need to know:

Show dates are Nov. 18, 19, 20 (pending final approval from the school district).

Rehearsals will start Sep. 19. and will be held Mondays every week, with various Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays added in to make a total of 2 days each week in September and 3 days each week in October and November.  The size of the child’s part will determine how often he/she needs to attend; most students will not have to attend every rehearsal.  Most rehearsals will be held at St. Mary Catholic Church, though there will be some held at an alternate location, yet to be determined.

Performances will be in the evenings of Nov. 18 and 19 and a matinee on Nov. 20.  Students are expected not to miss ANY rehearsals during the week of Nov. 14 unless due to illness.  Other absences, as long as they are noted in advance, are acceptable.

Audition scenes are posted below.  Students will be asked to read from at least one of them.   Actors are not expected to memorize any parts; however, it is recommended that actors spend some time becoming familiar with the lines and the characters before the audition.  This play is a melodrama, which means the characters are all slightly exaggerated.  The director is looking for strong acting choices, which can mean a character voice, a way of moving, and lots of facial expressions.  The director also wants to hear that students can project (be loud) and speak clearly.  Copies of the scenes will be available at the auditions, or students can bring their own copy.

Audition scene 1

Audition scene 2

Audition scene 3

Please direct any questions to Alex at


Following the lead of our government officials and the concern for people auditioning for The Only Man in Town, we may have to alter our plan for auditions. Please continue to check our social media for updates.