Vicky Wurster
Christine Purchis

Clara Smith

an audience participation
Murder Mystery
by Eileen Moushey

Filming was halted on the horror film, DEAD AND DEADER, following the death of its star, Lacey LaFleur, one year ago. Now, the director of the film, Frederico De Medici, is attempting to complete the picture. Audience members are used as extras -- playing FBI men, the screaming crowd, panicked bystanders, and one who portrays the "virgin." They are all involved when leading man Billy Barton is murdered. It could have something to do with the diary that Lacey gave him, right before she died. If she did, indeed, die. Simple unit set -- mostly dressing and furniture. Costumes and props are simple. Royalty includes a premise sheet which can be copied and posted (or placed on tables if tables are used) and a copy of the physical evidence -- the last page of Lacey’s diary.

Frederico De Medici Bill Hohnke
Farley Hooper Brad Richert
Lilian Durand Nancy Parker
Billy Barton Dave Fernandes
Jennifer Killian Corinna Christman
Liz Carter-Campbell Shannan McNally
Lynn Kelly Carolyn Satanski
Carl Brent Lofgren
The Hostess Clara Smith



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