DiAnn L'Roy

Shelley Wheaton

Frank Loesser
A touching, dramatic and intensely personal love story about a middle-aged vintner, Tony, whose mail-order marriage proposal is accepted under the girl’s mistaken assumption a photo of his young, handsome foreman is her intended husband! Filled with sweeping ballads, intense dramatic arias and tuneful, splashy Broadway-style numbers, this ambitious “Broadway opera” has found a home on opera and musical theatre stages alike - and certainly in Chelsea.
Cashier Evan Padgitt
Cleo Kathleen Treado Daniels
Rosabella Gayla Bauer Blaisdell
Waitresses Jennifer Bennett, Nadine Bernard, Jerri Cole, Bonnie DeLong, Janet Tarolli
Postman Tom Peckham
Tony Torrance Blaisdell
Marie Christine Purchis
Maxine Janet Tarolli
Herman Mark Nelson
Clem Evan Padgitt
Jake/County Boy Raymond Weiner III
Al Don Paulsell
Joe Robert Bernard
Giuseppe Tobin Hissong
Pasquale Joseph Zettelmaier
Ciccio Tom Layher
City Girl Maria Johnson
Doctor Matt DeLong
Pirest Tucker Lee
Tessie Sarah Maynard
Biddies Jerri Cole, Cindy Gillespie, Norma Graflund
All The Neighbors, And All Of The Neighbors' Neighbors Tanis Allen, Alisa Bauer, Bart Bauer, Susan Frisbie Bauer, Jennifer Bennett, Nadine Bernard, Mary-Jo Clapsadle, Jerri Cole, Bonnie DeLong, Sylvia Edwards, Kathy Frazier, Cindy Gillespie, Jessica Gillespie, Norma Graflund, Maria Johnson, Roxanne Jones, Jennie Maynard, Sarah Maynard, Alison Paul, Tom Peckham, Sara Skyles, Phoebe Strong, Janet Tarolli, Beth Wagenschutz


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