Mary Beth Seiler

Clara Smith
Nancy Daly


With a cast of just four, SUDS is the delightful story of a young teenage girl and the four guardian angels who come to teach her about finding true love.It takes place in a Laundromat during the sensational 60's. SUDS is loaded with good clean fun, bubbling energy and over 50 well-known songs that topped the charts of that decade.


Cindy Beth Skochelak
Marge Christine Purchis
Dee Dee Coutney Dana
Mr. Postman/Washer Repairman/Milt Dudman/Mr. Right Bill Hohnke
Mrs. Halo/Johnny Angel David Andrews
Bubbles Nancy Daly, Meredith Reynolds, Susannah Stempky
Spinners Megan Kanta, Mia Lancioni, Bethe Reynolds, Clara Smith
Agitators Corrina Christman, Nancy Zyzelewski
Radio Announcer Fred Ramsey


2007 Chelsea Area Players