Chelsea Area Players

Chelsea Area Players is a local theatre group formed 1972. We are based in Chelsea, Michigan, and reach participants and audiences throughout the region.

The purpose of the Chelsea Area Players is to:

  • Enrich the educational and cultural life of the community
  • Promote understanding and appreciation of an important art, provide worthwhile entertainment
  • Encourage interest and active participation by the community in all phases of the theatre through dramatic productions and other related activities
  • Foster and support the involvement of community youth and adults in the dramatic arts.


Come support the high school students in their performance coming up in October! Parents of younger kids, there is a bit of "language" in it (nothing too strong), but you might want to check in with the director to find out if you think the show is appropriate for your child.


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR CAST OF ROMEO AND WINIFRED! Prologue #1 – Charlie Schmunk Prologue #2 – Cordia Franzonello Chorus: Oregano – Lauren Heinze Carpaccio – Elle Rhodes Risotto – Val MacDonald Prosciutto – Molly Poma Antipasto – Savannah Fremuth Pesto – Olivia DeLand Mayo – Abby Muckle Romano – Charlotte Clifton Louie Anderson – Lucas Bennet Capulets: Lord Capulet – Annie Jewell Lady Capulet – Alyosha Webster-Hein Winifred – Audrey Garot Tybalt – Lottie Williams Petruccio – Fiona Kleber Peter – Norah Klink Samson – Ellie Kibler Gregory – Jonny Bendena Bob – Kate Garot Nurse – Allison Jewell Capulet Family: Emma Clouse, Harper Henson, Johanna Keiser, Ryan Hepler, Drew Hodges Montagues: Lord Montague – Noah Seymour Lady Montague – Kathryn Dunn Romeo – Willow Walther Benvolio – Henry Kibler Abraham – Alice Thiel Balthasar – Madeline Roebuck Mercutio – Claire Hatch Nick – Ryan Quilter Vinnie – Silas Webster-Hein Montague Family: Madison Scott, Sophia Parker, Kaeli Kaltz, Madelyn Dunn, Eloise DeLand Officer Escalus – Liam Thompson Gucci – Kennedy Collier Versace – Amber Yacks Shylock – Will Meehan Maxine (Max) – Vivian Neitring Friar Laurence – Liam Hurden


Since some are having difficulty accessing the Romeo and Winifred forms from our website, try seeing if you can get them this way. Sorry for the inconvenience!


If you are auditioning for Romeo and Winifred, paperwork is now available on the website. Go to the auditions tab and you should see a "Paperwork update" message. Click on the "read more" to go to the post with the links to the paperwork. Please print and fill out the audition form before arriving at auditions. The take-home form is for your information only and does not need to be brought with you.

Announcing our Fall CAP Jr. Play: Romeo and Winifred! This is a light-hearted, comedic take on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. See our website for all information related to auditions, rehearsals, and shows! A sign-up genius for audition time slots is here: