Past Shows

The Snow White Variety Show cast list has been announced!  It was difficult to cast this show with so many young, talented performers.  A web page for this wonderful show will be fully built soon!

Rehearsals will be Mondays and Thursdays from 5:30pm-7:30pm at St. Mary Catholic Church of Chelsea.  For the full rehearsal schedule, please click here.


The Talk Show Participants
Heidi Perbole – Stella Moore
Announcer – Marah Putnam
Applause Guy – Kasmira Bradley
Wordy – Sabina Montalva
Nerdy – Melody Stone
Rowdy – Alex Handloser
Howdy – Katelyn Hackett
Weepy – Sophie Pieter
Creepy – Anna Carter
Bob – Catlin Yeasting
Real Snow White/Ogre – Paige McKee

Fairytale Players
Snow White – Caley Plank
Evil Queen – Amelia Nelson
Huntsman – Jordan Nelson
Magic Mirror – Alice Korner
Dwarf Stand-in/CSI Dwarf One/Dwarf One – Sara Martin
CSI Dwarf Two/Dwarf Two/Player – Savanna Calvachi
Igor/Guard 1 – Nathan Harmon

Ensemble Players
Anya Montalva (Witch)
Jasmine Gabriel-Menegay (Goldilocks)
Katy Davis
Justin Alford
Abby Krzysik

Fairytale Players (cont.)
Prince – Joseph Grudzinski
Big Bad Wolf – Lillian Paddock
King/Mama Bear/Guard 2 – Madison Katke
Papa Bear/Player – Nathan Krzysik
Baby Bear/Player – William Roebuck
Troll/Player – Charlotte Doma
Snow White’s Mother – Kaitlyn McFarland

Commercial Actors

Commercial Announcer 1 – Zoe Hammig
Commercial Announcer 2 – Sidney Berry
Jack Sprat/Rose/Gretel – Ottilia Harris
Rumplestiltskin/Hansel/Golden Goose – Aryn Weiss
CinderSella/Rapunzel/Goat 2 – Grace Pantolin
Thumbelina/Person 2/Shoemaker – Tallulah Gorby
Sleeping Beauty/Girl 1/Person 1 – Ava Seitz
Model/Briar/Actor – Charleye Perry
Ugly Duckling/Goat 1/Mr. Fox – Lindsay Favre
Goat 3/Princess/Girl 2 – Melanie Brooks
Little Red Riding Hood/Girl 3/Elise – Josie Jackson

Commercial Ensemble
Sage Gabriel-Menegay
Cyprus Gabriel-Menegay
Clara Johnson
Brooke Paddock
Lizzie Pantolin
Aruna Bradley


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